Thursday, February 18, 2010


Homesick, the longing for what is familiar missing whats back home. I am starting to feel the dreadful disease that plagues most students when they adventure abroad.
1. I miss my parents
2. I miss my brother
3. I miss hot showers that last longer than 5 minutes
4. I miss dryers
5. I miss flushing toilet paper down the toilet
6. I miss the US exchange rate.....everything is soooo expensive
7. I miss my cupboard full of Lysol disinfecting wipes
8. I miss my stainless steel 12 cup coffee maker ( Emily I want it back as soon as I land)
9. I miss my
Dirt Devil 110000 Reaction Dual Cyclonic Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner
10. I miss my chubby dog who is at my heels 24/7
11. I miss my plump cat who is most likely sleeping now
12. I miss not having to worry about what water I can and cannot drink
13. I miss not being afraid of being hit by an off-roading moped... driven by some 60 old grandma
14. I miss my friends who keep me in check and are always there for me
15. I miss the turtles and sharks at work...not the crabs and fish
16. I miss my Nissan Altima....Parental Unit Please don't give it to john!
17. I miss my Rossie board, and the hills which I frequent when I am stressed
18. I miss cable.... have not watched TV for a month on Saturday
19. I miss my GWSS classes
20. I miss feminists!
21. I miss liberals
22. I miss a queer community
23. I miss my I Love Lucy the hell did I forget them??
24. I miss washers...I am not good at hand-washing clothes
25. I miss my hair straightener
26. I miss my pillow top bed and my hypoallergenic pillow
27. I miss Punch Pizza...or just pizza in general!
28. I miss seeing Kaela's face every morning
29. I miss Kaela telling me I am late for class because I slept through my alarm......again
30. I miss coffee that is less than 3 euro for a small cup
31. I miss my shower
32. I miss cleanliness and sanitary bathrooms
33. I miss playing video games with my brother (not the video game part but being with my bro)
34. I miss smoking hukkahs with good company
35. I miss the lakes...and falling through the Ice with Liz (even though I thought I would never want to experience that pain again)
36. I miss St. Joe....hmmm never thought that would ever come out of my mouth
37. I miss Bo Dids! ....though, Baklava is ssoooo much better here
38. I miss going into a buildings and not having to check if its a brothel
39. I miss using public transportation and not seeing people shooting up, having sex, selling drugs and offering to pay you for sex.....very long story, possible next blog entry?
40. I miss does not work outside the states... I have no music!
41. I miss watching Friends every morning with Kaela while we procrastinate actual going to school
42. I miss Meredith's facial expressions in GWSS and Legal Hist.
43. I miss having my own room....and bathroom

Yupers, I am homesick.......I think a trip to the chocolate store is in order.
Peace, Maria


  1. Oh my little girl, you will miss alot of things. I remember one day I made a countdown of how long it would be until I came home and I could have made a list at least as long as yours. But remember, it's okay to be sad, but then go out and do something fun (that's what my dad told me). One day too soon, you will be making a list of all the things you miss about Athens.
    1. My roommmate Holly who loved to bake (cupcakes).
    2. My roommate Alec who loved to get baked.
    3. Having a Sex on the Strand (the drink dirty girl) while on the Strand.
    okay, you get the idea. Have fun, eat some chocolate.

  2. i hope your homesickness gets better... keep writing, get it all out. i am enjoing reading your blog.
    un abrazo,


    (if it makes you feel better, i am missing our class a lot. i don't think my students like me very much)